MOVE TO REST: a qigong + restorative yoga workshop 


Often, when the body wants to rest, the mind often kicks into action: chattering, shaming, judging or distracting us from quietness. When the body needs to move, the mind wanders in the opposite direction. Sound familiar? This debate between mind and body about when to move and when to rest can be exhausting. Daoist medicine regards this as a form of imbalance caused by stagnation, or lack of energetic flow throughout the body. Our ability to move and pause appropriately improves when our energies are flowing evenly. Think of a wheel: for a wheel to roll, pause and start rolling again, there needs to be an evenness all around. An uneven wheel leads to a bumpy ride. 

In the first section of this workshop, we will practice standing qigong exercises which open the energy channels throughout the body, improving blood and qi flow. This will be followed by a series of restorative yoga postures on the floor, where we will explore and experience this new sense of energetic openness. 

Please wear loose, comfortably clothing. Please leave sharp jewellery or watches at home. This class is suitable for all levels and ages. If pregnant, please inform us when booking.