It takes two feet to fly- Stronger standing balances

10 November 2017, triyoga Camden - 7:45pm-9:45pm

Standing balances are often thought of as "standing on one leg". Yes, that is literally true. There are, however, other ways to look at how standing balances work. In this workshop we will explore the dynamics of moving into a state of steadiness and strength when standing on the ground with both feet, and when one foot is lifted. We will practice ways to build a strong root, and how to use the rest of the body when lifting and balancing. Using a combination of qigong and yoga movements, we will explore how energy can be easily shifted to lift upwards or to ground down. 

Whether you are a beginner working your way into Tree pose, or a teacher looking for inspiration for standing balance sequences, this workshop will be a great space to explore, experiment and experience the joy of rooting and flying.