"Five Element Flow": Qigong + Yoga for better health


In Daoist medicine, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water provide the framework for well-being and healing. The system relies on the fundamental belief that if given a chance to function at its optimum level, our body, mind and spirit will be vibrant and robust. The reality of modern life means that the body is stressed from deficits in nutrition, breathing, hydration, rest and intimacy. We are rarely at our best, and we know it. In this workshop, we will explore each of these five elements and their corresponding functions, characteristics and energies in Daoist medicine. We will practice sequences from qigong and yoga which energise the meridians, and which embody the qualities of these five elements. It will be a fun, warming, strengthening and restorative practice. 


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I will be teaching two workshops at the Monterosa Yoga Festival in the beautiful Aosta Valley in Italy from 7-9th July 2017. The full program of the festival is yet to be published, but check out their website to find out where it is, and to register any interest in this festival hosted by Monterosa Ski.


Beginners Qigong: a 4 week course

Fridays 19:45-21:15 hours, from 21 July to Friday 11 August 2017

"To rise in order to fall, and to fall in order to rise, that makes circulation. It is so universal that everything, everybody, every animal and every plant is affected and is under the same natural movement."

This quote from the classical Chinese medicine text, the Huangdi Neijing (Suwen chapter 2), describes the eternal movement of qi, or energy. Qigong (also spelt Chi Kung) is a practice that cultivates energy. Qi means "energy". Gong means "work". Good health is not only the result of flowing energy throughout the body, it is also a result of how we carry ourselves into relationship with everything around us.

On this beginners' course, you will learn the basic static and moving postures to generate the flow of energy which, with regular practice, brings emotional balance, physical strength and spiritual connectedness. It will help you sleep better, it will make you stronger, it will help you move through daily life feeling more present, open and grounded.

On this course, you will learn about:
• The meridians of energy and how they work
• How imbalances lead to distress and illness
• Ways to ground your energy and clear your mind
• Ways to harness qi
• A "breakfast" sequence to kickstart your day
• A sequence to raise yourself out of lethargy
• A pre-bedtime sequence for better sleep

No experience necessary. We are all beginners. There will be lying, standing, sitting, and walking practices. Chairs will be made available for those who struggle to stand for long periods. The aim of the practice is to be accessible to all. Peace and well-being is not conditional.

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"Move to rest": A qigong + restorative yoga workshop


Often, when the body wants to rest, the mind often kicks into action: chattering, shaming, judging or distracting us from quietness. When the body needs to move, the mind wanders in the opposite direction. Sound familiar? Our ability to move and pause appropriately improves when our energies are flowing evenly. 

We will start this workshop with standing qigong exercises which open the energy channels throughout the body, improving blood and qi flow. This will be followed by a series of restorative yoga postures on the floor, where we will explore and experience this new sense of energetic openness.


To sign up, visit www.triyoga.co.uk

"It takes two feet to fly" - stronger standing balances.


Standing balances are often thought of as "standing on one leg". Yes, that is literally true. There are, however, other ways to look at how standing balances work. In this workshop we will explore the dynamics of moving into a state of steadiness and strength when standing on the ground with both feet, and when one foot is lifted. READ MORE.

Yoga for back pain

Date: TBD

This workshop will focus on regaining strength and freedom from back pain. This workshop is perfect for anyone who lives with chronic pain caused by muscular or spinal problems. The pressure of daily life takes its toll on your posture and back strength. We will practise movements from yoga, qi gong and Alexander Technique to help you manage back pain. If you would like to be informed of new dates and venues for this workshop, please contact me. 

How does the Alexander Technique help back health?

The Alexander Technique (AT) is a skill for self-development that teaches us to change the long-standing and generally unconscious habits which cause unnecessary tension in everything we do. Improved health, better performance and significantly reduced pain and fatigue are widely reported.

A major randomised trial published in the BMJ in 2008 found that a course of AT lessons could reduce episodes of back pain from 21 days in the month to just three days. Unlike any of the other treatments in the trial, the effectiveness of the lessons continued 12-months after the trial and beyond. The AT offers us tools for better back health right through into old age.

Clear and practical principles enable us to bring improved awareness to any activity we undertake (including yoga!), and relieve the stress and damage caused by our unconscious postural or reaction-based habits.  AT teaches us a skilful ‘use of the self’: this means, the way we use ourselves (mind and body together) when moving, resting, breathing, organising our awareness and focus of attention and, above all, choosing our reactions to increasingly demanding situations and activities.

We learn to become aware of, and then gradually to strip away, the habits of movement, tension and reaction that interfere with natural and healthy coordination and optimal, effortless balance.

Joo has a deep respect for body mind connections and a gift for creating gentle attention to detail in students. He never imposes but his quiet energy bathes the room.
— Mary, student since 2009

Private YOGA classes

The aim of yoga is not to flex or twist ourself into knots. We do that well enough on our own. By moving and breathing in a synchronised manner, with attention to anatomical alignment and mental focus, Yoga can bring relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. This practise can also calm the mind and increase alertness and energy levels so that we are more fully present in the experience of each moment. 

Yoga will improve the way you sleep, the way you think, the way you interact with loved ones and - most importantly - rekindle your connection to your true Self and your surroundings. 

The best way to start is to take a few private classes. This will give you the opportunity to work at a pace that suits your needs. You will learn the fundamental principles of movement, breath and yoga postures adapted to work best for your body. After a few weeks of private classes, you will feel confident that you can practise safely in any public group class if you so wish. 


Single class: £60 per class (60 mins) or pack of 5 classes: £200. A private class can be shared with up to 3 people. 

Joo Teoh has something so special and unique about his style, making him one of my favourite teachers in London. His tenderness, coupled with his humour translate into a yoga class that reaches the core of who I am in such a fun and inspiring way. I walk out feeling lighter and more my self every time.
— Aaron, student since 2007